Take the time to watch the full video of the Memorial Service for the 12 Marines who left us due to a tragic incident in Hawaii.
Especially touching are the words from some of their closest friends and the Marine Prayer which I had never heard before. The Prayer really gives insight into what it means to be a United States Marine.
I always try to talk to anyone I see in uniform and give them my personal thanks for serving. You never know you may be the last person who expressed their thanks for their commitment to America. - Bob Allan

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The USS WASP ASSOCIATION is an association of former crew members of the USS WASP CV18 AND LHD1. The association was founded in 1985 and chartered as a non-profit organization. Any person who was attached to either vessels bearing the name USS WASP in a permanent or temporary status, whether ship's company, squadrons or staff, may become a member of the organization. more