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Why Become a Member?
The WASP Association was loosely organized after the decommissioning of CVS 18 in 1972. In 1985 the Association was formally Incorporated, as a 501-C, Non-Profit Organization.

In the intervening years, between 1972 and 1985, Members of the Association were very active in contacting their congressional representatives and the Department of the Navy to name a new aircraft carrier after the Wasp CV-CVA-CVS-18.

Their efforts culminated in the Department of the Navy naming the first of the LHD class of carriers after the WASP, a name that goes back in OUR NAVAL HISTORY to 1775! Other LHD ships were christened with the names of well known Essex Class Carriers and famous battles of World War Il. Those named after famous battles reflect the courage and bravery that our Marines displayed during that critical period of our Nation’s History.

The Association is structured and managed extremely well; in addition, it is financially sound and has been since its inception. Our membership is approximately 1600. As you can imagine the present membership is getting “A Little Long in The Tooth”!

The one word that stands out, on the LHD-1 Crest, at least to us, is TRADITION. So it is with TRADITION in mind that we want / desire our Association to exist for the generations that follow and well into the future.

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